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In this episode we are reviewing an all too common situation where there are many people who dictate work to the development team, but they are not willing to collaborate with each other.

As a consequence the development team feels pressured and often results in shutting down some people who do not feel safe to participate in presence of others.

What does it say about the management culture, when they allow for this dysfunction to continue and do not step in as leaders to remind people why their organization choose to implement Agile , or Scrum, or Kanban.

Because they do not trust each other, and the management is delinquent, has the time come for algorithm to become the “Robo PO” ? Or is there hope?

Watch this episode to find out what they can do to refocus on their customer’s need and set aside their personal interests.

Huge thanks to our panelists –

Caleb Arnold, Felicia Bates, and Rahul Sampath, for sharing their insights and making this a fantastic episode to host.

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