Consider one of your peers or subordinates or juniors some one at the same level as yours or below. Lets name him Jerry.

Next time Jerry or some one like him/her requests for a non-trivial action from you, reflect on how your thinking, processes this ask.

It is my experience that I will often assess, analyze, think, process, ask for clarification, dialogue, debate, argue and then maybe act just as requested by Jerry or act in refinement or discard that request. My internal rational, emotional, spiritual being awakens and tries to decide.

Lets now consider some one who is your boss one level up or maybe three levels up. Some one whose name you have dropped while trying to convince your peers. This shall be Terry.

Imagine Terry walking over to your office and making a non-trivial ask. How do you respond to this ask?

Many a times, I will ‘just do it’. No significant resistance, no time lag, not much processing, simply accepting that I should act upon Terry’s ask.

What if Jerry and Terry were asking for the same action from you? I suspect that most of  us will treat the same ask differently depending on the source’s hierarchical standing within your organization.

I like to label this hierarchical amplification.