Agile transformation is not the same as proving agile works in a small, greenfield environment. Many agile practitioners feel abandoned because their organization does not have the backbone to support, grow, and nurture the growth of agility.

As the adage goes, “It takes a village”.

Finance, HR, Sales, and other functions across the organization need to share in the vision of the transformation. This vision needs to be so infectious that it bleeds across all the departments. Acts of leadership are required right from the Scrum Master to the C-Level. And how these leaders engage your people matters.

In this episode, we have an amazing panel of leaders who are transforming their organizations to become learning organizations.

Among other things, we discussed the changes in hiring practices in organizations that value the ability to learn as a core competency, why organizations get stuck, and what can you do to counter subversive behavior that change resistors employ to protect their turf.

Watch Episode 4 of “Agile will fail at my company because ..” series to find out what our panel recommends you can do.

Our panelists for Episode 4

Chris Anderson, Muneezeh Kabir, and Kevin Hall enrich this panel discussion from their experience with leading Agile transformations. Heartfelt thanks to them for sharing real word practices to succeed at transforming organizations.

We know how to grow agility from principles to practices.

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