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Healthy Product Backlogs

Healthy Product Backlog: Customer immediately understands every item in the product backlog. These are commonly useful good practices to get your product backlog in healthy state. Try these, your mileage...... Read More

Betsy the cow

As an Agile coach I enjoy the opportunity to learn from people implementing scrum framework and incorporating Agile values and principles. In this process I come across interesting stories and...... Read More

Making sense of Best Practices

A Best Practice is a collection of tools/techniques/approaches/methods when applied in prescribed order delivers desired results effectively and efficiently. “Best” in the term “Best Practice”, to me, implies that there...... Read More

Barber Shop – Product Backlog grooming

Most of us have to pay a visit to the scissor man/lady every couple of months. Others who don’t have to or choose not to, I envy you. As a...... Read More