Learning by doing

Immersive learning experience that enables you to make a difference in real world of work.

Know Why, Know What, Know How:

You will learn practices to effectively navigate real-world complexity, and use your deeper understanding to help others appreciate the philosophy behind Agile. Our participants are confident in their learning and have real conversations with their team, managers, and executives. You will gain actionable knowledge and skills to transform your world of work.

Are you ready?

To truly “get” Agile and start your journey into a completely new way of thinking and acting. This one-of-a-kind learning experience instills confidence through emphasis on skills development. You will uncover new pathways to constructively engage with teams and executives on difficult organizational challenges.

Virtual Classroom (online), Instructor led option

Just like our in-person classes, NO-POWERPOINT! You will not only learn about Agile and Scrum, but you also get to experience best practices for remote collaboration. Our virtual classroom is designed for group interactions, and supports different adult learning styles. Most importantly,  you will not be lectured to by a talking head on a video conference call.
Learning happens in a fun environment, where participants collaborate with each other. In our virtual classrooms we empower individual ideas to be recombined and improved in collaboration with others. Therefore you actively engage and build up on your learning and own your own insights. We love it when our participants experience that a-ha! moment.
As practitioners we practice the art of being agile in the real world. We want you to benefit from that experience too. We believe that every learner has a unique perspective and we want to respect your viewpoint, therefore we do not believe in installing rote content. You will not be forced to learn from videos. How agile is that?
We believe in changing mindsets. We take pride in our world-class learning experiences. Our virtual classrooms enable you to take our courses from anywhere in the world. All our certified and non-certified courses can be delivered virtually.


Our open and private in-house training offerings

Certified Agile Leadership® (CAL)

Leadership is about creating an environment where others become empowered. Senior managers and organization influencers who care deeply about growing learning organizations find this course valuable in their personal, and their organization’s transformation journey. This workshop covers topics essential for senior management to lead in complex and rapidly changing environment.


Advanced Certified Scrum Master®

Scrum Master is crucial role in growth of team and organizational agility. Scrum is easy to understand, but hard to do well. Through hands-on exercises, real world case-studies, and systems thinking puzzles you will own your insights to transform your world of work. We will explore how to have challenging conversations, uncover and resolve root causes of organizational dysfunctions, and engage at organization level to scale beyond team level Agile. You will increase your confidence to constructively influence your team and leadership.


Certified ScrumMaster®

More than 99.4% of our students pass the CSM test, but that is table-stakes. Our goal is achieved when you graduate with confidence to make a positive difference in your world of work. Whether you are an experienced agile practitioner who wants a refresher or completely new to world of Agile, our learning program will prepare you with take-aways that you can immediately apply after your training class.

CSM Seal

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Getting customer needs wrong is a big problem, and getting it right is not easy. Managing stakeholder expectations, collaborating effectively with development team, and delivering delightful products to customers is challenging. Excellent Product Owners embrace uncertainty and win over incumbents who are too comfortable in their monotony. This course is designed for passionate people who care for making a difference with products they develop. You will learn how to define product strategy, discover product-market fit, validate hypothesis via experiments, and collaborate with development teams. You will increase your confidence to constructively influence your team and leadership.


Certified Scrum Product Owner®

This course is your opportunity to learn skills that help you develop products that your users will love. Make it count, our goal is achieved when you are confident in leading your team to build great products. Developing innovative products is a collaborative game, and this course prepares you with critical decision making techniques to effectively manage stakeholder expectations. Our learning program will prepare you with take-aways that you can immediately apply after your training class.


Non-Certified Workshops

Team Accelerator

Teams that train together grow together. Our Agile foundations training is a two day learning experience that emphasizes practical learning, and brings your team together to begin their journey towards high-performance.

This workshop takes into account your teams unique context to customize learning experience. From teams that are experiencing Agile for the first time, to experienced Agile teams who want to accelerate to next level, this workshop is based on years of industry experience launching Scrum and Kanban teams.

Unlike typical team workshops, we work with you to understand your team’s unique challenges. Based on years of industry experience we customize your team learning experience.

Leading Agile Organizations

Shared leadership

Leading dynamic Agile organizations takes humility. Agile leaders take systems thinking view and patiently work on root challenges to shape better tomorrow. Leading organizations to overcome systemic fragility and building resilience for challenges that lie ahead.

This workshop is for transformation leaders who have the courage to lead their organizations through change. They acknowledge that there are no canned “Agile” solutions. Leaders that value transparency, who lead by example, and want practical actionable learning.

Based on more than a decade of experience leading Agile transformations for clients in Fortune 100 companies, this workshop aligns executive leadership in spearheading organizational transformations.

Design learning organizations

Your organization is doing exactly what it is designed to it. Organizational dynamics dominate your day to day interactions and overall outcomes. Undesirable outcomes dominate in design by accident environments. Learning organizations take active interest in continuous improvement, and look beyond simplistic and mechanical understanding of complex organization systems. Managing adaptive organizations that enable end to end business agility requires active organization design.

Participants (senior managers, product developers, …) explore a deep understanding of organizational systems at play. We explore transformations, new organization design, role of management, and how to work at scale (beyond teams) in order to enable business agility.

Unlike typical workshops, you will work on Systems thinking puzzles and scenarios to unlock your own insights. You will learn why your organization behaves the way it does, and what can be done for learning organizations to grow.