Becoming Leaders

“People don’t become leaders because they never fail. They become leaders because of the way they respond to failure” – Gerald M Weinberg

If you do not like being tested by others, then you have no business being a leader. As soon as you are considered a leader, by your volition or not, three people will stand up to test your fitness to be their leader.

Thank your doubters. Your doubters reveal their preferences for their leader.

Before you believe in your people’s potential to do great things, you must believe in your ability to grow as a leader. You will fail many times, and it is ok. How you respond to your failure makes you the kind of leader you are.

  • To avoid setbacks – cope with your failures
  • To get better – learn from your failures
  • To be majestic! – celebrate your failures.

Leaders are not made. They are followed. 


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