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Training is foundational to your agile journey.

An immersive learning experience that enables you to make a difference in the real world of work.

Online and In-Person Workshops

We went above and beyond expectations and dove deeply into a discussion of organizational philosophy that helped to really motivate what I learned and provide me with a solid understanding to evangelize within my company.

James Fort

Technical Program Manager

Learning by Doing

Learning is fun when participants can combine their insights and ideas with other learners in a collaborative environment. Designed for accelerated adult learning, our courses make challenging topics easy to grasp. Learners beginning their agile journey or seasoned practitioners will grow their skills through puzzles, case-study reviews, peer group discussions, and engaging activities. There is never a dull moment.

We love it when our participants experience that a-ha! Moment.

People Trained

Private Training

Focused learning sessions designed for your organization’s specific needs. We can customize Certification and Non-Certification courses to meet unique learning needs for your training event.

Public Workshops

Industry-recognized certification workshops that can catalyze your career growth. Engage in a shared learning experience with your peers in the industry and learn from collective insights.

Catalog of our Agile Workshops

We offer ScrumAlliance and Large Scale Scrum certification courses.

ScrumAlliance certifications are the most recognized and valued certifications in the industry.
LeSS certifications demystify large-scale product development.

Organization Design and Leadership for Scaling Agile

Certified Agile Leadership®

Understand the foundations of agile leadership, lead teams through changing dynamics, and apply principles of agility to businesses and organizations.

Certified Agile Skills - Scaling 1

Learn proven trails (journeys) that have helped organizations safely succeed with scaling agility.

Certified LeSS for Executives


This is a course in organizational design for large-scale product development, with the optimizing goal of adaptiveness.

Product Leadership

Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Begin your journey to lead Scrum teams. Learn key concepts to become an empowered Product Owner.

Advanced-Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Learn how to own outcomes, not orders. Manage stakeholder expectations, and develop products your customers love.

Development Leadership

Certified ScrumMaster®

Experience Scrum concepts and principles through case studies, games, simulations, group discussions, and role-playing exercises.

Advanced-Certified ScrumMaster®

Develop systemic understanding and increase your influence to lead real change. Advance your skills and lead teams to higher performance.

Certified Scrum Professional® ScrumMaster

Master the challenges that go beyond Scrum and dive into practicalities to have a deep impact on your organization, and your career.

Non-Certified Agile Team Workshops

Introduction to Kanban

Develop intuitive understanding Kanban systems through simulation. Explore patterns for designing Kanban boards, and practices to measure and manage flow. Learn how Kanban systems can be applied at various levels in your organization.

Agile Team Foundations (Scrum, XP, Kanban)

Teams that learn together, grow together. Refresh your agile team practices or start right with a strong foundational understanding of Agile. Ideal for teams that want to increase awareness of effective agile practices for teams.

User Story Workshop

Learn to develop features iteratively and incrementally by applying the User Story technique. In this workshop we can choose to work on your product and learn how to effectively manage User Stories.

Agile Team Facilitator

Learn facilitative techniques for online and in-person team events. Through role-playing scenarios, simulations, and case-study reviews you will learn how to effectively facilitate Scrum events, and hold space for crucial conversations to occur.

Product Led Organizations

Learn how to align customers, stakeholders, and multiple teams on a common product roadmap. Explore agile development strategies for iterative and incremental product development. Understand the systemic changes necessary to shift from a projects organization to a product-led organization.

Agile for Executives

Introductory workshop for executives to learn about Agile and its implications on leading differently. Designed for maximum impact, this workshop is often customized to meet our clients unique circumstances.

Systems thinking for Agile Organizations (In-Person Only)

Practice key systems thinking techniques to analyze your organization systems, and design systemic interventions to unlock your organizations growth potential. After you learn to see the organization system using techniques from this course, you will not be able to unsee systems that lead to typical organizational challenges.

World-Class Learning Experience

Know Why, Know What, Know-How

Learn practices to navigate real-world complexity effectively, and use your deeper understanding to help others appreciate the philosophy behind Agile. Our participants are confident in their learning and positively impact their teams, managers, and organization systems. You will gain actionable knowledge and skills to transform your world of work.

Are you ready?

Our one-of-a-kind learning experience instills confidence through the emphasis on skills development. You will uncover new pathways to constructively engage with teams and executives on complex organizational challenges.

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