Agile Team Coaching

Accelerating your agile team’s growth journey 

Growing your Agile teams

Whether you are kick-starting a new team or want to accelerate the development of your existing agile teams, our coaches can guide your journey.

  • Would you like to start a new team on Scrum or Kanban?
  • Is scaling with multiple agile teams vital to you?
  • Are your teams “doing” agile, but something is missing?
  • Do you want to extend agility to business, marketing, or other non-software teams?

Evolve Agility’s coaches develop a bespoke team growth plan that suits your team’s situation. We work with you to grow team member competencies so that you can sustain your agile team growth journey beyond our engagement.


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Agile Team Services

Agile Team Assessment

Discover fit-for-purpose team approaches

Applying agile team practices that fit your organization’s unique circumstances can minimize frustrations and accelerate benefits from your investment in forming Agile teams.

We assess your organizational context, management practices, and team-level practices to highlight areas of improvement you may have missed.

Our coaches improve your understanding of the current state and make expert recommendations to take your agile team to the next level.

Agile Team Training

Lean, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps fundamentals

Teams that train together grow together. Agile team training emphasizes practical learning and brings your team together to begin their journey towards higher performance.

This workshop considers your team’s unique context to customize the learning experience. From teams that are experiencing Agile for the first time to experienced Agile teams who want to accelerate to the next level, this workshop is based on years of industry experience launching Scrum and Kanban teams.

Agile Team Coaching

Learn, improve, grow

Training alone is not sufficient to put Agile values and principles into practice. Many teams do not get to experience what good looks like. As a result, they struggle to apply theoretical learning to their projects.

First, we lead by example so you can learn how to apply Agile concepts in your day-to-day work. Then we coach and mentor you to take ownership of your team practices so you can confidently grow your ability to self-manage.

Custom Workshops

Accelerate beyond the basics

Often effective agile teams need that special insight to spark their next growth spurt. Our custom team workshops can help your teams to learn how to:


  • Embrace responsibility, and improve decision making
  • Improve psychological safety for collaborative teamwork
  • Collaborate effectively for remote work
  • Apply systems thinking techniques to uncover and resolve impediments

Our approach enables you to

  • Empower team members to take responsibility
  • Identify opportunities and gaps in your agile organization
  • Improves understanding of various agile methods and their suitability for your organizational context
  • Skill development for crucial roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Kanban manager, etc.
  • Influence your organizational culture to improve team-level agility
  • Secure effective agile practices and behaviors relevant to your situation
  • Apply agile measures that enable a continuous improvement mindset

Lets Talk

Accelerate your team growth jouney

Engage Us

Roadmap for starting Agile team

The following roadmap provides typical phases for starting with a new Agile team.

Phases Overview


  • Understand the organization and agile team goals
  • Select fit-for-purpose methods for team
  • Management readiness to support agile team structure

Start Right

  • Agile team kick-off
  • Agile training to baseline whole team on key concepts
  • Role-model and mentor key roles on how to: Facilitate, use metrics and measurements, remove impediments, grow team cohesiveness
  • Lead by example

Team Coaching

  • Enable teams to tailor fit-for-purpose Agile practices
  • Encourage experimentation for team learning
  • Coach managers to positively influence culture
  • Coach Product on the use of agile techniques to improve stakeholder engagement
  • Coach Scrum Master on uncovering and resolving team impediments
  • Coach team on self-management and continuous improvement


  • Catalytic coaching tune-ups
  • Custom workshops on focused topic areas
  • Improve collaboration with other teams
  • Improve interactions with other organizational functions

    Team Self-Managing Canvas

    This is a great resource for accelerating agile team performance. The Self-Managing Team Canvas is proven tool for leaders to create empowered self-organized product teams.