Leadership Cohort

Leaders create an environment where others become empowered.

Who is it for?

This private cohort is for motivated leaders who want to accelerate the adoption of Agile principles and practices.

Are you passionate about evolving your organization?

Leaders collaborating to form a shared approach are more likely to succeed in their journey. This cohort is intended to guide team and organizational development toward becoming learning systems. How you lead your organization’s agile and cultural transformation journey will leave a lasting impact on your organization.

Let us guide your evolution. We custom-design your cohort’s learning journey so you can focus on challenges specific to your organization’s situation.

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Leadership is required at all levels within the organization.

Participants come from diverse backgrounds. Typically,

  • Executives, Directors, and Senior management
  • Product, Technical, and Functional managers
  • Team leader, Agile Coach, and Scrum Master
  • Practice leaders

This 3-4 month cohort program accepts a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants. Your group will participate in six four-hour workshops and are expected to complete cohort assignments. Through this learning journey, your cohort guide is available for virtual coaching & consultations.

Are you ready?

To have a real impact on your organization’s agile and cultural transformation journey.

  1. Learn: Advance your understanding through working sessions
  2. Do: Apply learnings with your cohort peers to influence your organization
  3. Improve: Increase capability through feedback, and changes to organization systems structures

Our approach enables you to

  • Lead authentically with integrity
  • Identify opportunities and gaps in your agile organization
  • Use co-creating, and catalytic leadership techniques to improve agile change adoption
  • Develop a personal plan for improvement in becoming an Agile leader
  • Design holistic change initiatives for agile teams
  • Design Agile strategies for change management at the organization level
  • Organization design elements to collaborate, inspect, and adapt at scale
  • Influence your organizational culture to improve agility
  • Design and implement transformation experiments at scale

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Find out if the Leadership Cohort is right fit for your organization’s transformative change journey.

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Proven expertise and Skill Development

Business agility takes more than the basics. We tackle the most challenging problems, extending the application of Agile values and principles to enable end-to-end business transformations.

We employ Systems Thinking techniques to deepen your understanding so you can lead transformative change in your organization. You will explore human and systems dynamics to develop your agile leadership style.

This cohort fosters an inclusive, safe-to-fail environment where you unlock the full potential of the leader within.

Structural Overview of the program

Learn together, grow together


The purpose of discovery is not only for us to learn but also for the client organizations to build a broader consensus on challenges experienced by management and teams. Building agreement on difficulties shared is an essential step for alignment.

These steps inform us about organizational context and help us to design and recommend learning journey options for the leadership cohort.



Review and co-design finalized Learning journey with sponsors and the cohort participants to set realistic expectations of the expected impact under the current organizational conditions.

During this step, candidate participants are also confirmed for participation.


Cohort Working Sessions


Advanced leadership education topics customized for your cohort.


Apply Systems Thinking techniques to influence agility in your teams and organization systems. Receive coaching and consultative support from your cohort guide.


Gather feedback, measure impact, and share challenges & learnings with your cohort in the next working session.


Retrospective of the cohort’s leadership journey and leaders’ impact on the organization.

Reflect on what this means and then agree on the next steps for improving organizational agility.

Graduate with a plan for further personal development.



Answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the Leadership Cohort program

  • A pair of cohort guides are involved from the start of the engagement
  • We recommend candidate participants gain a basic working knowledge of agile beforehand
  • A calendar for working sessions is developed in consultation with the client cohort
  • The learning journey is designed to enhance participant potential and for organizational impact. And not for certifications.
  • Mid-point review with client sponsor is built into our engagement plan
  • Working sessions can be held virtually or in-person
  • We host our virtual sessions on Zoom. Please install the Zoom client on your computer.
  • For online collaboration we use Mural. Participants are provided with a free guest account.
  • A color pdf of the working session learning content will be provided
  • Working sessions will not be recorded
  • Participants must attend all working sessions