Capability Development

We coach your people to embrace the growth mindset. 

Situational learning is proven more effective in growing confidence in real-world situations. Training events are necessary to increase general awareness, but capability development involves mentorship, advanced education, and coaching to develop comfort with applying Agile principles and practices.

Being Agile is a continuous learning journey. Through our capability development program, we help you grow competent agile practitioners that learn and grow through our guided curriculum and receive mentorship through organizational challenges.

This program enables agile practitioners to reach their full potential and grow while solving real-world problems that are important for your organization.


We finally realized what Coaching looks like and feels like, versus just being trained. Evolve helped teams identify and solve their own problems versus doing it for them.

Ron Whitebread

Product Owner

Is it time to grow?

The art of applying the Agile mindset is a rewarding growth journey. Those who excel know there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Scrum Master

Grow facilitation, impediment removal, and coaching skills so your agile teams can be greater than the sum of its parts. Unlock your potential to grow and sustain self-managing teams.

Product Owner

Grow stakeholder management, product discovery, and backlog management skills, so your customers love the products that you build.

Kanban Practitioners

Develop your ability to engineer Kanban systems that visualize and continuously improve your current workflow. Grow in your ability to improve your team’s service reliability.

Our approach enables you to

  • Assess gaps and areas of improvement for growing Agile talent
  • Customize the growth journey for your Agile practitioners
  • Increase the effectiveness of your community of practice or “guild.”
  • Reduce anxiety or concerns by applying effective ways to be agile
  • Benefit from our expertise as we mentor your talent to grow relevant skills
  • Invest in increasing your organization’s talent pool
  • Amplify the impact of agile practitioners in your transformation journey
  • Eligible participants may earn advanced-level Scrum Alliance certifications

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Find out how we can enhance your talent development efforts.

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Guiding practitioners to grow their full potential

We work with your leaders to gain alignment on your organization’s talent development objectives and then design a bespoke curriculum that enhances your people’s ability to be effective in your organization.

A cohort of 6-12 practitioners from the same organization is grouped in the talent development journey. We focus on your organizational needs and do not mix practitioners from different companies.

Capability Development Services

Learn together, grow together

Growth Plan

We engage with the cohort sponsor and candidate participants to develop a holistic understanding of the organizational situation and role-based expectations from agile practitioners.

Then we recommend the capability development curriculum. Typically this is a 3-to-6-month cohort-based program where we introduce advanced learning topics and provide ongoing mentoring. Alternatively, in some situations, we may recommend embedding a pair of senior Coaches that offers real-time support as multiple cohorts progress through their journey. We may also support the organizational leadership to prepare conditions for lasting success.

Talent Development

Participant commitment to completing the journey is necessary.

We work with the cohort to calendar mutual availability. The cohort meets to receive training on advanced learning topics and review their application in real-world situations.

We enable the participants to learn advanced concepts and apply them in their current situations. This allows us to tailor our one-on-one guidance through mentoring and coaching so the participants can receive real-time feedback and grow in confidence to apply newly learned skills reliably.

Experience Report

Learning for adults can not be prescribed.

We expect cohort participants to grow in their areas of interest and develop the necessary skills that empower others in your organization. To successfully complete this program, we require each participant to present their experience report summarizing their growth journey and their impact on others in their organization.

A different approach to recover from a failed transformation

“We finally realized what coaching looks like and feels like versus just being trained”

Find out how we helped the client grow internal coaching competence and changed the perception of agility within the organization—successfully generating interest from the business to partner towards a successful transformation.