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Accelerate your Agile transformation

Organizations are complex, with a large variety of opportunities, concerns, risks, and cultural aspects that support and hinder transformative change. There is no cookie-cutter approach that fits all organizations of all sizes. It is a common misconception that adopting agile behaviors/practices will lead to faster deliveries, lower costs, and higher quality.

We help your leadership and organizational influencers to understand the dynamics of enterprise wide transformation and help craft a cohesive strategy to align your efforts at scale.

Is it time for a Strategic Review?

Business agility results from the cohesive integration of different organizational systems. We focus on your organization’s specific needs and work with you to co-create a go-forward strategy. Here are some of the reasons why you may need a Strategic Review.

Scaling Agile

Collaboration between existing agile teams could be improved.


We need to increase alignment with strategic leadership objectives.

Culture Change

Our culture is getting in the way of business agility.

Organization Structure

We are silo-ed in our ways of working, and want to enable team-of-teams structure.


We are shifting from Projects to a Products organization.


We have different approaches that need to inter-play together.

Our approach enables you to

  • Expert review of current state wins, challenges, and opportunities
  • Identify structural and policy-level changes that may be necessary to achieve desired business outcomes
  • Assessment of needs and ranked list of feasible change-hypothesis to accelerate transformative change
  • Recommendations on transformation journey pathways
  • Pros & cons for recommended transformation journey to enable informed executive decision making.
  • Measures and outcomes to align on agreed upon strategic action plan
  • Develop a customized transformational roadmap

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Guiding leaders to own their Organization Transformation

We work with your leaders to gain alignment on your organization’s strategic objectives and then show them informed choices on how best to navigate current organizational constraints. Our service enables you to understand trade-offs and chart a realistic journey for transforming your organization.

Strategic and Advisory Services

Discovery Scans, Journey Mapping, Consultation Bridges

Discovery Scan

Through customized online-surveys, one-on-one interviews, and short focused workshops we help you to develop wholistic understanding of your organizations systems dynamics.

This stage helps your leadership to understand current organizational systems at play, and build agreement on shifts necessary to improve outcomes.

We engage with your Executives, key leaders, and organizational influencers to build momentum for change.

Journey Map

We work with cross-functional group in co-creating overall journey map. During this stage we develop two or three journey options so the cross-functional group can deeply consider the feasibility and impact of different pathways to improving organizational agility.

Transformational journey cannot be charted as a defined plan of serialized steps. We identify sets of strategic actions and map opportunities to gather feedback in your journey map. This enables you to revise leadership action based on how your journey unfolds. This is why we emphasize development of multiple journey options.

Consultation Bridges

We provide consultative services to bridge leadership action from Discovery to Journey Mapping and beyond. Our Discovery findings often reveal real deep-rooted challenges that may not get resolved quickly. You may require further analysis or data gathering activities, to refine and shape realistic go-forward options.

We help you to prepare for journey mapping activities, and then support your organization’s progress through our recommended roadmap. We engage periodically to review feedback from your journey so far, and advise you on recommended next steps so you can realize the full potential from your efforts.

Outdoor Retailer Case Study

Evolve Agility offered the company something much more meaningful and much more memorable than a cookie-cutter approach.

Our client couldn’t have known at the time, but when they chose to partner with Evolve Agility, they were actively building skills that their teams would use to stay productive during COVID-19.