Custom Workshops

Align your organization to tackle your most challenging problems

We work with our clients to design bespoke workshops that maximize learning opportunities and align people to pull together for meaningful change.

Shared problems often seem intractable. Everyone agrees that something should be done, but it is difficult to start or find agreement on what to do about it. And because of this, your organization’s culture suffers.

Bringing the right people together in a focused workshop where you learn key concepts, and then get to apply these to your specific challenges helps unlock the true potential of your organization.

We co-create workshop objectives with you,  facilitate your workshop, and align your organization on the next steps.

Affable and engaging, Dhaval is a wise sage of Scrum and Agile principles. He’s also readily able to cite real-world examples of how it works in business.

William L Gray

Vice President of Product Management

His vision on how to proceed was clear and well communicated so that people at all levels in the company could understand it and move forward. Dhaval brought a wealth of experience to the table, and his well planned and interesting lessons coupled with his oft’ humorous delivery were quite effective. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Dhaval again.

Samantha de la Vega

Sr. Scrum Master

Is it time to take action?

Business agility results from the cohesive integration of different organizational systems. We focus on your organization’s specific needs and work with you to co-create bespoke workshops that help you answer questions relevant to your business. Here are some of the custom workshops we have led for our clients.

Agile Evolution

You want to align key leaders and evolve your agile transformation journey. We help you develop a roadmap for your journey ahead.

Overall Retrospective

Cross-team retrospectives for agile teams in scaled settings involve managers implementing systemic improvements.

Measures for Agile Evolution

Align agile measurements to manage a portfolio of initiatives, and develop feedback mechanisms for course corrections.

Team of Teams

Explore various networks of agile teams’ topologies to understand how your organization can scale agile with multiple teams.

Stakeholder Management

Align your stakeholders with a shared vision for your product value stream, and agree on norms for engaging with iterative and incremental deliveries.

Business Agility

Explore how Lean and Agile can help you build resilience in business functions and enable you to continue to evolve with changes in market conditions.

Our approach enables you to

  • Focus on your challenges while we facilitate your group to achieve desired outcomes
  • Apply Lean and Agile techniques to solve your specific challenges
  • Engage participants in constructive dialogue for collaborative problem solving
  • Design practical solutions for your world of work
  • Explore how agility can be applied beyond just software development
  • Prepare a realistic action plan to tackle intractable challenges in your organization
  • Reenergize your team to solve problems together

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Give us a challenge you care to resolve, and we will raise the bar to solve it.

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Evolving organizations to push boundaries

Truly agile organizations are moving beyond the basics and applying Agile concepts in novel ways to solve complex problems. We are at the forefront of enabling business agility. As expert trainers, facilitators, and coaches, we have the know-how to tackle your most challenging situations and guide the design of your solutions that you can realistically implement.

Custom Workshops

Catalyzing collaborative change for adaptive organizations


Contact us to share your strategic objectives.

We work with you to brainstorm possible workshop designs that tailor activities to integrate your real-world situations. We then iterate on possible workshop design options to finalize how best to work with your group.

This stage helps us to design the most effective workshop experience for participants. Whether remote or in-person,  we deliver the most engaging experience for your participants.


Whether it be a 1-day focused strategic workshop for your executive leadership or a 3-day Open Space event for 150 people, we manage the facilitation of your event.

We are there to balance opposing viewpoints, challenge your group to think outside the box, guide you on applying Agile & Lean principles, or call out the elephant in the room.



You want to align strategic intent to an action plan.

In genuinely agile organizations, there is no separation between strategy and tactics. A set of tenets guides decisions & actions on a day-to-day level that have long-term impact measured in years.

Organizational resilience emerges from the collective intelligence of your group. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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