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Enterprise Agility

Uncovering better ways of growing Learning Organizations by doing it and helping others to do it.

What we do

We take Systems Thinking perspective to enable leaders in growing learning organizations. We tackle the most challenging problems, extending the application of Agile values and principles to enable end-to-end business transformations.

Agile Training

We provide insights into the principles behind Agile, as well as provide practical guidance for participants to successfully work in an Agile way.  We create engaging learning experiences.

Agile Team Coaching

We want you to own your transformation, not rent it. We enable agile teams to develop capabilities that allow your organization to continue to grow.

Strategy & Advisory

We perform discovery activities to go beyond surface-level symptoms to uncover real systemic needs and recommend feasible hypotheses to accelerate your change journey.

Leadership Cohort

Win-Win for you and your organization. The supportive cohort-based environment enables personal growth through advanced education, peer feedback, and guide-level support.

Custom Workshops

Improve your group collaboration outcomes by engaging us to design and facilitate custom workshops tailored to fit your unique needs.

Capability Development

We mentor your employees to learn and practice role-specific skills to grow organizational capability. We enable you to secure your transformational journey.

Evolve Agility

We bring principles and practices to life.


We help with the fundamental cultural transformation necessary to break past habits of yesterday so that your organization looks forward to the challenges of tomorrow.

The extremely professional and knowledgeable way to lead us through the entire course. Not shying away from any question but also not giving answers directly but more providing us with an alternative of options and challenging back at times.

Sonja Koskinen

Lead HR Business Partner

We finally realized what Coaching looks like and feels like, versus just being trained. Evolve helped teams identify and solve their own problems versus doing it for them.

Ron Whitebread

Product Owner

They have been a trusted coach, trainer, and advisor in our Agile transformation over the last few years. They worked with us to stand-up new teams, and helped us navigate the challenges of scaling to large corporate initiatives.

Douglas Jones

Program Manager

In four days, the entire company had acquired a baseline understanding of agile, and achieved bottom-up buy-in to embrace agile methods. “The feedback was very, very positive.”

Karim Fanous

Chief Technology Officer

Why we are different

We have deep knowledge and understanding of agility. Think of us as the “Indiana Jones” of Agile, ready to cut and slash through whatever challenges are presented to us. We recognize that “being” agile has to be in the service of your larger organization’s purpose.

When our clients want to evolve or go beyond the basics, we are the experts they call. Our deep experience and systems thinking perspective enable us to guide your transformational journey. And we do it in a way that grows your organizational capability to lead the change even when we are no longer there. We get the most joy through enabling our clients to own their transformation.

We partner with experienced Agile coaches & trainers who we have a shared history of working with. Together we align on our shared values and approaches to agile transformations. Our team-based approach works for clients because they get access to a diversity of experts and proven practitioners.

Let’s TALK

We work with a limited number of motivated clients. As a boutique agency, we give our utmost attention to your success. Use the form below to contact us, and we will set up an introductory call to discuss your needs, and our fitness to serve you.

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Shared Leadership and Alignment

Shared Leadership and Alignment

“Not to innovate is the single largest reason for the decline of existing organizations. Not to know how to manage is the single largest reason for failure of new ventures.” - Peter Drucker. Drucker uses the keywords innovation and Management to describe the core...

Three Scaling Agile Maxims

Three Scaling Agile Maxims

My Three Scaling Agile Maxims Nail it before you scale it. Stitch it to flip it. Fake it, and you won’t make it. Here's why? Nail it before you scale it. Do you know what good looks like? What will be fit for your organization’s purpose?  Don’t get impatient and try...

Comparing Agile Scaling Frameworks

Comparing Agile Scaling Frameworks

Scaling Agile Framework is relevant when multiple teams must continuously integrate their work efforts to deliver customer value. The core challenge all frameworks must address is how they expose, manage, and resolve dependencies. The dependency management mechanisms...

Coaching Tenets

Coaching Tenets

Situational awareness can enable Agile leaders to empower others to problem-solve  If the situation is about:- a knowledge gap, then teach;- a skill gap, then mentor;- an options gap, then consult;- a personal growth gap, then coach. I don’t always coach, but when I...

The Agile Manifesto Principles Explained

The Agile Manifesto Principles Explained

I started my agile journey twenty years ago. At the time, I was a Java programmer and a UML modeler, and I lucked into working in an XP team. Joining an experienced XP team was uncomfortable at first. The practices were very different from what I was used to. Kent...

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