Are you adaptive?

In today’s world being effective is less a question of optimizing for the known, but effectiveness (and profitability) lies in responsiveness to ever shifting environment. Adaptability, not efficiency, is the central competency needed from today’s organizations.

Evolve Agility, is about end to end business agility. We work with leaders in creating empowered work environments. Leaders who recognize that workplace creativity is necessary condition for survival, work with us to make critical and necessary shift to becoming learning organizations. Through our coaching, training, leadership development services we enable leaders of be prepared for challenges of tomorrow.

Why us?

Our services enable you to amplify scale and speed of your Agile transformations. Our cutting-edge practices ensure that you are not following the crowd. You are learning to evolve your organization as your core in-house competency. We support our customer with best in class learning experiences. We help with fundamental cultural transformation necessary to break past  habits of yesterday so that your organization looks forward to challenges of tomorrow. Our principles to practices approach provides no-fluff practical guidance to overcome your toughest challenges.

Experience and expertise to guide your business agility.

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  • Dhaval Panchal

    Dhaval Panchal is Experienced Executive, Agile Coach, and Organization Design consultant. He is ScrumAlliance Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC), Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST), Certified Agile Leadership-Educator (CAL-E). Dhaval Panchal is actively involved in local Houston Agile community. Dhaval has led large scale Agile transformations for companies in Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Gaming, and Medical business domains. He has more than 17 years of Agile implementation, coaching, and transformation experience.

    Tom Perry
    Transformation Agent
    Tom has been working as a transformation agent in software development for over 20 years. He has worked on teams at startup companies, large corporations in the Fortune 100 and the State and Federal Government. His background includes testing, development, project/program management, agile coaching/mentoring and training. As part of his involvement in the greater agile community, he led the Seattle eastside chapter of the APLN as well as recently creating the Open Agile Management conference in Seattle. He is a speaker and author on Agile topics in local and international forums. He wrote “The Little Book of Impediments” which can be found on www.leanpub.com.
    Craig Larman
    Organizational Design Coach, Consultant and Trainer

    Craig Larman is the co-creator of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) with his friend and colleague Bas Vodde. He works as an organizational design consultant, introducing LeSS with executive teams for very large and multisite product development (often, HW-SW systems). He also works with product management for highly complex product definitions, and hands-on as an embedded-systems legacy-code C and C++ TDD coach with feature teams, to keep in touch with the real work and workers.

    He is the co-author of several books on scaling lean & agile development.

      Gene Gendel
      Organizational Design Coach, Consultant and Trainer

      Gene Gendel is Certified Enterprise Coach®, Trainer and Organizational Design Agent. Gene’s goal is to help organizations and individual teams with improving internal dynamics, organizational structure and overall efficiency. He strives to engage at all organizational levels: senior- and mid-level management, teams and individuals. Gene uses various methods, tools and techniques to strengthen learning of others and to ensure that teams and individuals gain autonomy after he “coaches himself out of the job”.

      Gene is a well-recognized member of global and local agile communities, where he influences people via open-space agile collaboration workshops, coaching retreats, group events and presentations.

      Rob Myers
      Agile Engineering Trainer and Coach

      Rob has 35 years of professional experience in software development roles, and has been training and coaching organizations in Agile engineering practices since 1998. His courses blend fun, practical, hands-on coding labs, “Training From the Back of the Room” advanced learning techniques, and relevant first-person stories from both successful and not-so-successful Agile implementations.

      Rob is also writing a book, Essential Test-Driven Development, for Addison-Wesley, due out in 2021.

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      Anu Smalley
      Trainer & Enterprise Coach

      Anu specializes in Executive coaching and Agile Transformations. She is Scrum Alliance accredited Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Agile Leadership-Educator (CAL-E), and Certified Path to CSP educator.

      Anu has helped companies in Banking, Insurance and Reinsurance, Travel, Gaming Software, Legal, Benefits Management, Software Consulting, HealthCare. She has more than 13 years of Agile implementation, coaching, and transformation experience. As a community leader, Anu has chaired Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gatherings for three years and actively contributes to Women in Agile initiatives within Scrum Alliance.

        Brandon Raines
        Systems and Leadership Expert

        Brandon is an Organization Design and Enterprise Coach who has worked with public and private entities, both large and small.  He has helped organizations and individuals emerge from near failure to thriving models of success.  Brandon is a noted author, speaker, and presenter on topics of leadership, organization design, and teamwork.

        Brandon is a Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance.  He is also trained in Organization Relationship Systems Coaching(ORSC) by the Center for Right Relationship(CRR) Global as well as the Disney Institute in Customer Relationship

        Brad Swanson
        Trainer and Enterprise Coach

        Brad Swanson is a Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC®) and Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®), and has worked as a developer, executive, consultant, and coach for 24 years. He has built software products in the retail industry, electronic payments, and mobile commerce. He was an early adopter of Agile practices, starting with XP in 1999. As a Coach, Brad has led scores of successful Agile transformations at multi-national enterprises, startups, and everything in between. As a trainer, he has taught thousands of people across the globe. Brad has expertise in XP, Scrum, Lean and Kanban.

        “My passion is guiding organizations to achieve success, and guiding people to become highly effective 21st-century business leaders.”

        Julianne Jones
        Agile & Organizational Change Management

        Julianne is a Transformational executive who builds world-class teams that consistently deliver extraordinary business outcomes quickly, efficiently, frequently, and reliably.  She’s passionate about helping her clients transition from episodic to continuous value management and developing product-driven, customer-centric learning organizations. Julianne partners with her clients to drive successful business outcomes from the product design and delivery phases to enterprise-wide Agile transformation.

        Julianne has over 14 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies. She focuses on creating a new system of delivery; re-structuring the organization from a domain-based project-driven organization to a product-driven organization while driving further value with the implementation of Lean-Agile delivery methods.

        Daniel Walsh
        Trainer & Enterprise Coach

        Daniel is an entrepreneur, product development coach, and solutions engineer. He is a passionate advocate for Lean, Agile, and system engineering methods and practices with over 20 years of engineering and product development experience. He was an engineering manager and a senior product consultant at Intel Corp. Daniel led and coached transformation efforts of diverse groups including hardware development, product validation, software development, supply chain, and internal startups.

        Daniel is a graduate of MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations program where he received an M.S. in Engineering Systems and an M.B.A. from the Sloan School of Business.

        Natraj Kaushik
        Agile Coach, Consultant and Trainer

        Natraj has delivered value in software development and IT for over 27 years. He has worked in both startups and large corporations. He has been a software developer, tester/QA manager, technical architect, project manager, scrum master, agile coach/mentor and agile trainer. Natraj became an avid practitioner of, and evangelist for, agile after his introduction to agility and scrum 14 years ago. He has since formed, coached and trained several scrum teams to high performance. He has also led transformation efforts in several groups. Natraj is an active member of the Houston agile community.