Advanced-Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Advance beyond basics

Sharpen your skills. Find out how to lead product development, manage stakeholder expectations, and maximize the delivery of customer value.

This course builds upon entry-level CSPO knowledge. The focus is on the next-level skills that agile professionals need. Through A-CSPO, you will stand out in your industry and show advanced value to your employer (or potential employer) as a highly-skilled Agile professional.

Advance your understanding beyond the basics of Scrum. Increase your influence to impact real change in your organization. You get to experience best practices for collaboration. Our course is designed for group interactions and supports different adult learning styles.

The A-CSPO is an advanced course on the path to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional.

Dhaval Panchal

Dhaval Panchal

Course Instructor

Experienced executive, Organization Design consultant, and Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach and Trainer (CEC, CTC, and CST), since 2008. He has been practicing agile since 2003 and helped build multiple agile organizations from the ground up.

He has led large scale transformations at Fortune 500 companies, and mid-size Product Companies. Dhaval has first-hand experience with transformation challenges in Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Gaming, and Medical domains.

Own outcomes, not orders

Getting customer needs wrong is a big problem, and getting them right is tricky. Managing stakeholder expectations, collaborating effectively with the development team, and delivering delightful products to customers can be challenging.

This course builds upon your fundamental understanding of Scrum and, through practical exercises, develops your skills to set you on the path to becoming better at Product Ownership.

You will gain skills to implement agile product development strategies through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies.

Uncertainty destroys monotony

Excellent Product Owners embrace uncertainty and win over incumbents that are too comfortable in their monotony.

Successful product development organizations never chase the next best thing; they are making it.

This course is designed for passionate people who care about making a difference with the products they develop.

Advance your skills to navigate through a fast-changing competitive landscape. You will learn to define product strategy, discover product-market fit, validate hypotheses via experiments, and collaborate with development teams. You will increase your confidence to influence your team and leadership constructively.

Learn together, grow together

We recommend a group of Product Owners join this course together, so your community of practice can develop shared strategies to tip the balance to becoming a product-led organization.

It was an amazing learning experience. His knowledge, experience in the Agile space is amazing. He was patient, encouraged a learning atmosphere and is a pleasure to work with. He also does Agile coaching for Fortune 500 companies and I will highly recommend him and his courses for both individuals and large organizations who are interested to use Agile to further their careers and projects.

Altaf Hajiyani

Product Manager

I was so pleased with his teaching style, depth of subject matter expertise, and patience in getting across new and somewhat difficult concepts to a large group of students from a variety of backgrounds. He was able to cater to the large variety of experience with Scrum in the class without making any student feel either behind or ahead of the rest of the group. His sense of humor and ability to think of anecdotes on the fly made the days much more enjoyable than expected.

Leah Farmer

Product Leader

Our curriculum will enable you to

  • Identify opportunities and gaps in your agile organization
  • Develop a personal plan for improvement in becoming a better Product Owner
  • Lead agile teams to high-performance
  • Facilitate collaborative decision making
  • Lead product development efforts in scaled settings
  • Balance competing stakeholder needs, such as new features vs. paying off technical debt
  • Develop agile product roadmaps
  • Design and implement experiments to validate product assumptions
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy for your product

Upcoming A-CSPO Courses

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A-CSPO Course Curriculum

Who Should Attend?

This course is open to anyone who wants to go beyond Scrum basics and develop advanced-level Scrum Product Owner skills.

However, to receive your Advanced-Certified Scrum Product Owner® certification, you need to:


  1. Hold an active Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) certification with ScrumAlliance.
  2. Complete full Advanced-Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO)
  3. Validate at least 12 months of work experience within the past five years that you demonstrate by updating your experience on your Scrum Alliance profile.

Does it matter where you learn from?

Absolutely does.

ScrumAlliance accredited courses are uniquely designed by each Guide level educator against a common framework of course learning objectives. This means that no two A-CSPO courses offered by Guide level instructors are the same.

Designed for accelerated adult learning, our course makes challenging topics easy to grasp. Our instructors are active practitioners who have the practical know-how that you need to lead in the real world.

Team Self-Managing Canvas

This is a great resource for accelerating agile team performance. The Self-Managing Team Canvas is proven tool for leaders to create empowered self-organized product teams.

Product Owner Core Competencies

Refresh on the fundamentals of Scrum and how it relates to your real-world experience.

  • Essence of agile
  • Scrum Refresh
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Improving effectiveness of Scrum events
  • Self-evaluation and personal growth plan

Collaborative Product Ownership

Working effectively within the organization

  • Cognitive biases, heuristics, and intuition
  • Stakeholder types, and dynamics of stakeholder management
  • Facilitating stakeholder collaboration
  • Concept to cash cycle, and organization design implications
  • Systems of tightening feedback loops
  • Working effectively with the developers

Advanced Product Management

Managing products in scaled environments.

  • Agile strategies for product development
  • Don’t play the all or nothing game
  • Agile roadmaps, and product goals
  • Prioritizing the backlog for the near term, mid-term, and long-term objectives
  • Product ownership with multiple teams

Customer centricity & Product-market fit

Developing empathy for customers, and discovering the right product-market fit

  • Market segmentation, and customer types
  • Intro to Jobs-to-be-done framework
  • Discover outcomes and measures desired by the customer
  • Impact of pricing on product strategy
  • Develop product value proposition
  • Experiment design to learn market needs
  • Square peg in a round hole

Bring this course in-house

Customize focused learning sessions designed for your organization’s specific needs. References are provided upon request.

The Online Experience FAQ

Answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our students

  • We host our virtual training on Zoom. Please install the Zoom client on your computer.
  • For online collaboration, we use Mural. Participants are provided with a free guest account for the course days. Please confirm that you can access the website from your network.
  • We take breaks almost hourly, with a more extended lunch break
  • Certification fees are included
  • A color pdf of the workbook will be provided
  • Invitation to private Slack group where past and current participants network
  • Complimentary 1:1 personal coaching session with your instructor

Public Course Registration Policies


You can transfer to a different date for the same course at no extra charge.


  • Cancellations more than two weeks before the course date receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations within two weeks of the course date receive a 70% refund.

No show policy

Your fees will be forfeited in case of a no-show.