Certified Agile Skills – Scaling 1

Scaling Learning Organizations

Evolve Agility’s Scaling Agile workshop is an experiential deep dive to unravel patterns, practices, and frameworks for large-scale products and projects. This workshop equips you with the foundational toolkit to growing (scaling) a learning organization for knowledge workers.

Be prepared to walk away with an actionable action plan to safely revive your organization’s ability to grow real-world agility at scale.

Agility at scale is not easy. At its heart, it involves people growing a learning culture through trust and collaboration. You will understand the traps many organizations fall into and learn about proven trails (journeys)  that have helped organizations succeed with agile at scale.

This course covers advanced topic areas in a relatable way for you to own your transformation.

Our curriculum will enable you to

  • Identify common barriers and traps that prevent your organization from learning.
  • Manage risk and uncertainty with scaling agile.
  • Design organization systems linkages to incrementally develop large products
  • Examine organization design choices for Product-led vs. Revenue-led
  • Examine organization design choices for IT as cost-center vs. IT as value-center
  • Design organizations for scaling agile using industry case-scenarios
  • Evaluate scaling patterns, practices, frameworks, and methodologies for effectiveness
  • Lead large-scale project and product development efforts
  • Practically and incrementally move away from Silo-ed work and an “us-vs-them” culture that promotes bureaucratic bloating.
  • Explore trials (experiments) and trails (journeys) that fit your organizational circumstances.
  • Assess your organizational coherence and discover misalignment in organizational sub-systems.

        Upcoming CAS-S1 Courses

        Dhaval Panchal

        Dhaval Panchal


        Experienced executive, Organization Design consultant, and Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach and Trainer (CEC, CTC, and CST), since 2008. He has been practicing agile since 2003 and helped build multiple agile organizations from the ground up.

        He has led large-scale transformations at Fortune 500 companies, and mid-size Product Companies. Dhaval has first-hand experience with transformation challenges in Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Gaming, and Medical domains.

        He is also a member elected Scrum Alliance Board of Director for 2024-2026 term.

        Complexity and Systems Thinking

        This is the only agile scaling course that coherently integrates complexity and systems thinking tool sets in its curriculum. You will develop the skills to lead and navigate organizational dynamics with large-scale efforts effectively.

        Are you a knowledge worker?

        Agile is best suited to knowledge work. Scaling agile is about amplifying the ability of the organization to learn and adapt faster.

        Learn together, Grow together.

        We recommend management teams join this course together so you can explore your organization’s scaling challenges and use the complexity and systems thinking techniques to strategize on the way forward. Be prepared to walk away with your plan of action.

        Interactive activities enable you to incorporate your organization’s challenges in the workshop so you can work through some of the most challenging topics, get expert-level guidance, and own your insights. This course explores the dynamics of product discovery, development, and supporting organizational sub-systems required to enable success at scale. 

        Affable and engaging, Dhaval is a wise sage of Scrum and Agile principles. He’s also readily able to cite real-world examples of how it works in business.

        William L Gray

        Vice President of Product Management

        CAS – Scaling 1 Course Curriculum

        Who Should Attend?

        For knowledge workers who value learning and first principles thinking. Participants will develop scaling agile skills for growing Learning Organizations that can inspect and adapt through complexity and uncertainty.

        This workshop is designed for agile leaders, managers, and practitioners with a foundation understanding of single-team agile. We cover advanced topics to guide the next steps in your journey to scaling for agility. Participants come from diverse backgrounds in industry and have diverse life experiences. Typically,

        • Executive, Directors, and Senior Management
        • Chief Product Owner, Product Managers, Product Owner
        • Architects, Functional and Technical Managers
        • Practice leaders, Agile Coach, and Scrum Master

        Does it matter where you learn from?

        Absolutely does.

        ScrumAlliance accredited courses are uniquely designed by each guide-level educator against a common framework of course learning objectives. This means no two CAS-S1 courses are the same.

        Designed for accelerated adult learning, our course makes challenging topics easy to grasp. Our instructors are active practitioners with the practical know-how you need to lead in the real world.

        Problem Solving Considerations

        This fantastic infographic provides a summary of crucial problem-solving considerations for leaders. This is a helpful reminder as we serve to transform our world of work.

        Need to evolve your Scaling approach.

        Develop an understanding of risks and challenges with large-scale projects and product development efforts. Why have so many methodology-led ”scaled” efforts routinely failed to deliver on their promises? And what you can do to descale from bureaucratic bloat and rebuild to learn at scale.


        1. Scaling Knowledge Work
        2. What is your Lego?
        3. Risk and Uncertainty
        4. Constraints and Couplings

        Evolve and align with Enterprise.

        Develop first principles understanding of why agile works and what can be done to grow the organizational capability to develop products at scale reliably. You will learn of fundamental patterns and practices to build customer-centric products and how leaders shape organization systems to grow sustainably.


        1. Generative vs. Prescriptive
        2. Build Integrity In
        3. What is your product?
        4. Culture follows structure
        5. Growing Sustainably

        Bring this course in-house

        Customize focused learning sessions designed for your organization’s specific needs. References are provided upon request.

        The Online Experience FAQ

        Answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our students

        • We host our virtual training on Zoom. Please install the Zoom client on your computer.
        • For online collaboration, we use Mural. Participants are provided with a free guest account for the course days. Please confirm that you can access the website from your network.
        • We take breaks almost hourly, with a more extended lunch break
        • Certification fees are included
        • A color pdf of the workbook will be provided
        • Invitation to private Slack group where past and current participants network
        • Complimentary 1:1 personal coaching session with your instructor

        Public Course Registration Policies


        You can transfer to a different date for the same course at no extra charge.


        • Cancellations more than two weeks before the course date receive a full refund.
        • Cancellations within two weeks of the course date receive a 70% refund.

        No show policy

        Your fees will be forfeited in case of a no-show.