Agile Team Friends

Oh! I get by with a little help from my friends.

A team friend

+ Smiley
+ No special treatment
+ Understands the team’s goal
+ Interested in the team’s work
+ Supports the team
+ Honest with the team
+ Helpful when needed

Not a team friend

– Complaining about time spent
– Not supporting the core team
– Unwilling to change to match the process
– Circumventing decisions
– Not meeting a commitment
– Complaining daily standup is too noisy
– Sabotaging team efforts
– Eliciting ‘gossip’ about the scrum team
– Not accepting the Definition of Done
– Not understanding or not fulfilling their role
– Not being collaborative
– Giving other work to team members
– Dishonesty
– Be mean

Look, it’s not so hard to be a team friend. Agile teams need support from others within the organization. Collaborating on shared challenges within the team can be fun when others are friendly and supportive of the team’s efforts.

Try this

The Self-Managing Team Canvas – This canvas will help you to recognize where to channel your continuous improvement energy and grow teaminess.

Avoid this

Assuming that everyone in the organization has the same understanding of the Self-Managing Team.


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