more than 8 do not collaborate

More than eight do not collaborate

People have a need to develop and shape ideas that impact them.


An increase in the number of people exponentially increases the number of communication pathways. It is no surprise that as groups get larger, the degree of collaboration dramatically falls. People can feel that they are not being understood. And as a result, decisions and follow-through on agreements fall short of expectations.

Try this to collaborate … 1-2-4-ALL 

In larger groups, ask questions about a problem to resolve or a proposal to consider. For example: What ideas do you think are feasible here?

First, ask individuals to reflect privately and then merge into pairs to build upon ideas from self-reflection. Then connect pairs into foursomes to notice similarities and differences. Each foursome shares one important idea with all.

Progressively increasing participation through dialogue enables everyone to have their voices considered so the larger group can integrate and build upon people’s insights.

This technique comes from Liberating Structures.

Avoid this.

Assuming there is buy-in when people have not had a chance to contribute, develop, and shape ideas that impact them.


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