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Develop an intuitive feel for how things are and could be.

Agile leaders have a choice. To react or to respond.

Some situations demand our immediate reaction, but it is more likely that we tend to overreact.

Do you go beyond the disagreeing remark that your colleague made? Do you give yourself the time to step back and place yourself in their shoes? Is there a pattern? What systems structures lead to these events? Can it happen again?, 

OR, Do you jump to conclusions?


Pay attention to the questions you ask.

Developing an intuitive feel for your organizational systems requires hands-on engagement. You will not create it via dashboards and reports. It will lull you and confirm untested assumptions that reflect your mindset.

Gemba – “go see” is a lean technique where the manager first learns to observe so they can look beyond surface events. First-hand understanding is essential for managers to tune into qualitative aspects of work. And looking at only measurable metrics numbs your sensitivity to immeasurable factors such as morale, openness, safety, etc., that make for a rewarding work experience.

To develop a deeper understanding of the system at play. Stay curious about the relationships that create the structure of your organization. Start by asking the right questions. You will discover that the most leverage rests in creative pursuits of influencing at the systems structure level.

Are you ready? to learn systems thinking mental models and become a Certified Agile Leader.


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