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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve yourself and your skill set. I’m transitioning in my career and knew that getting Scrum Alliance Certifications in Agile Leadership (CAL-E, O & T) was essential to increase my marketability and trustworthiness. Moving across industries and making career shifts isn’t easy. I’m moving from being a non-profit executive director to an executive coach in software, technology and health. First, I have to acquire new networks to discover opportunities for my business. Second, and most importantly, I must understand the language and systems utilized across industries. Agile certifications benefit in both ways.

Evolve Agility’s four-day CAL certification program gave me the tools and resources I need to take my career to the next level. The program is grounded in Systems thinking and people skills that are essential in today’s workplace. This certification gave me the knowledge and confidence I need to succeed in leading organizational agility. If you’re looking for a way to improve your leadership skills, I highly recommend Evolve Agility!

Agile values and principles provide the essential guardrails for leaders to engage in teamwork to solve complex business problems.  In the CAL training program, we were introduced to Agile concepts, then integrated them with the most current research and prolific literature from Systems Thinking. The course materials were well organized, expansive, and accessible. The course had the breadth to span the variety of challenges my peers and I had encountered and the depth to unlock insights we could apply in real-world situations. The team break-out exercises and case-study reviews during the course ensured that we had practice applying these concepts and then be able to relate to our unique situations. And on top of that, the workbook material is like I have downloaded the best summaries for the top 25 leadership books, podcasts and articles for easy reference. After four intense days of learning,  I feel confident and better equipped to lead and coach my organization toward agility.

Leadership isn’t only about systems – it is about people too. Evolve Agility recruits their expansive experience in consulting and coaching in the tech industry to mentor leaders like myself in the soft skills of Agile. Leadership is a verb, not a title. We act as leaders when we empower others around us. For me, enabling others to grow is a shared responsibility. So the experiences and learnings from the certification are applicable regardless of which role/title  I transition into. As a manager, team member or consultant. The course included topics on Emotional Intelligence, Impact Mapping, Organizational Climate, Essential Motivators, Personal Mastery, Leadership Styles, Meeting Structures, Coaching, Leadership Agility and much more. The curriculum proved that implementing Agile isn’t just a sticker you can put on an organization but a strategic leadership stance to sustain a growth mindset to enable learning organizations.

Dhaval not only teaches Agile – he is Agile. The learning process introduced concepts and then incorporated contributions from participants. This created the best learning environment because we not only grow in our understanding but can also integrate with relatable examples and stories from others. It is a true learning environment when time flies by because you are so engaged. 

My biggest takeaway is this: Agile can be used in any context – not just software and project management. Coming from non-profit leadership and public relations, I believe that the Agile leadership mindset I developed will help me in my future


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