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My wife and I are blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She came to our world in the month of August. Since then blogging has taken a back seat. Over this period I have felt stretched on time to do some meaningful writing. It was my assumption that blogging would be fairly straightforward – A couple of hours each week, and I will be ready to churn out a blog. For me, it was not to be as simple.

When I started back in July, I was not sure Why? – I wanted to blog. After this hiatus I believe I have come to terms with my purpose behind this effort.

My intention with this blog is to journal my activities and thoughts as an agile coach. I hope others benefit from it.  Most important for me is to be able to look back at my writings in a future date and reflect at how I have evolved over a period of time. For the last couple of years I captured similar artifacts (notes, pictures, learnings) in physical notebooks, word docs and various other formats which to a large extent are beyond recognition. The thought that my posts may possibly be read by other people forces me to strive for clarity & helps me to be a better communicator. I believe that if at least one other person understands my posts then there is a better chance that I, in future, will understand it myself.

I have now abandoned my quest to be a prolific blogger. I am now comfortable with the notion that my posts will be far and between – there I said it! I hope to make them good enough for the future me 😉


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